Five Stories Tucked Into Bed in an Empty Household

Abandoned stuffed animals recite bedtime stories for disappearing children.

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Troop 638 Odyssey

The scouts of Troop 638, abandoned, forge their own camping trip through the wilderness.

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Notes from the W. Forest

A entomologist reports his findings from a close study of wild girl scout leaders.

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What Lessons are There to Learn About Apples

A forest child employs her rote knowledge of Shakespeare to find herself a father.

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Rosamond and Thurry

Elderly siblings scramble to preserve the remains of their wealth and dignity.

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24 Ladies Resting

Two dozen women kept in close confinement maintain a mental catalogue of their losses.

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Holiday Houses

A series of kept lovers maintain order in their homes.

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Lady Castella’s Miniature Lions and Other Spectacular Cats

A circus animal trainer who has denied herself love reconciles her past with her future.

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Grocery Warehouse

A woman purchases groceries in bulk and must eat her way out of her kitchen.

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Madness Stories

Two women discover that they have been living with a small creature they spawned.

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